equine office invoicing services

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have you ever.....

forgotten to charge a client for something?
been late paying your own bills because you didn't get your invoices out on time?
spent your rare day off in front of the computer thinking 'this isn't my job'?
had clients pestering you for their invoices? (sometimes they really do want to pay you on time..)

We can make your invoicing painless!

You are in this business to work with horses, not paperwork and computers. We provide services to take this chore off your hands.

How long do you spend sending out invoices every month?

What if we told you it could take you as little as 15 minutes - and you don't even have to touch a computer?


We produce and deliver your invoices every month for an affordable fixed price.

You need detailed and accurate invoices to run your business. Equine Office understands that you don't have the time to mess around with notes, calendars, and software. That's why we have our professionals do the work for you, providing your clients with timely and accurate invoices.


1initial consultation

We provide an intial phone consultation whereby we learn about your business and your invoicing practices. Together we come up with a strategy to make your record keeping as convenient and accurate as possible.


2we send you a workbook

From the information gathered in your initial consultation, we design a series of worksheets preprinted with your horses and students names, along with items from your price list. We can email you this as a pdf file or send it by regular mail.


3You fill out the workbook and send it back to us.

You manually check off your activities on each worksheet, and send us your completed workbook by the end of the month. With our mobile phone app, you take a photo of each page, then simply press a button and your worksheets are emailed to us in a single pdf file.


4invoice delivery

We input the data into the Equine Office proprietary system, which in turn generates the invoices. Upon your approval, we then email the invoices directly to your clients.

get paid faster

The sooner you get your invoices out, the sooner you get paid. Our process is so easy you will never be late with your invoices again.

no forgetting charges

Our system makes it convenient to track your charges as they happen. No computer necessary! We want you to get paid for everything that you do.

satisfied clients

Your clients appreciate accurate, detailed, and timely invoices.

track client payments

You also receive a summary with each client's name and total so you can easily track who has paid and who hasn't.

" I run a busy lesson, boarding, and show barn. I have always dreaded spending most of a day at the end of each month sending out invoices to clients. Not only did it take so much time but I still never felt very organized. Now that I have my invoices done with Equine Office, my month end work takes no more than 15 minutes! The process is simple, convenient and keeps me super organized with the premade monthly workbooks and iphone app!"

~ Angela VandenHurk Owner/Coach Kuruka Equestrian


Our video explains it all: